Playvideo - svgalib video player


This is a program that plays video files (avi, qt, mpeg) on svgalib

Not many codecs are supported for avi and qt:

  • If you want to add support for a new decoder, please tell me.

    Most of the codecs are ported from xanim (or are xanim binary codecs). The parts from xanim are to be found mainly in the vidplay.c file. This makes this program subject to the xanim copyright (see README.xanim)

  • Current limitations:

  • Download source.

    For quicktime and mpeg support, the program uses libraries written by Adam Williams , available from

    A slightly modified version of the libraries, that is more fit for use with playvideo is available here.

    Matan Ziv-Av Other stuff by me.